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Swedish Championship 2011 PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 13 March 2011 13:41

Went to play the men’s single in Swedish Championship on Saturday. The venue was held in Eskilstuna about an hour by train from Stockholm. Ingela was my travelling partner and she was going to play the ladies single as well.

We left Stockholm Central station at 9 and arrived at the venue about 10.30. The singles was supposed to start at 1 PM. So plenty of time to get ready. At 1 O’clock I was ready to play and I had prepared my self perfectly. But then everything changes. The singles started about 3 PM. Don’t know why but they did the draw wrong is something that I heard, but instead of doing a redraw they just put in the missed seeded player and moved a couple of others, feels real good when you here things like this. Well done! Heard some more problems but in my opinion and many more peoples they did so many mistakes overall so this tournament goes down to be one of the worst.

Well well, back to the singles. Started to mark the first game on the board and then one more game before my game. Did not play well but with some luck I won the game with 3-2, for the first time in many years the played best of 5 instead of 7 like they have done the at least the last 5 years. It’s up to the organisation to decide and they had a banquet in the evening that they thought was more important then the actual game, very strange.

Started to play little better in the next couple of games and won the next 3 and I was in the quarter final. Our marker spells my name wrong not a big deal normally because like always you just let the marker know the right spelling and they change and that’s that. BUT not this marker he tells me to grow up and some more and of course I react. I call for a new marker because I wont have an idiot like that marking my game who knows what he’s going to do during the match. BUT the organisation behind the venue insist that he shall mark the game. I was stunned and went back and asked if they were for real. A marker that insult a player and they still keep him as a marker for that game. Idiots! After my second remark they did change the marker. Won that game easy with 3-0.

Time for semi final against my former brother in arms in double. The one and only Dennis "The Iron man"  Nilsson. He is on hell of a player so it would not be easy. He won the coin toss to start the match. I wish they someday take away the coin toss and instead go for the bull to decide who starts. He won first leg and I held my own. He then won the third leg. I was 1-2 down and like I said earlier only best of 5 even in the semis, what a joke. It was a good game and in the forth leg Dennis played very well and left 36 after 12 darts I was on 150. I started with treble 20, another treble 20 and I was sure when I released the third that it would go in double 15 but it landed just outside on the wire and he of course checks out on double 9. Well done Dennis and he then won the Final so he’s for the first time Swedish Master in men’s single. Congratulations.

So with everything that happened I’m pretty satisfied with joint 3 and letting one of my best mates win it J

But the venue………………….

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