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PC & Canadian Masters London 22 & 23 Ontario 28-29 August PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 01 August 2010 00:00

PC & Canadian Masters London 22 & 23 Ontario 28-29 August

Time to go to Canada. Flew to Schipol and then to Detroit. From there I had an Airport shuttle to take me to London, Ontario. The company was Abouttown and the trip there was good. More about the home trip later on, but never going to use them again. Arrived late Thursday evening, so I just went out and bought a pizza for dinner. Did not stay at the venue this time. I stayed at a cheaper hotel about 15 minutes walk from there. Next year I'm not going to stay there more about that to later on. Friday I went to the city met up with some of the others and did some practice and had a couple of pints before the evenings Blind draw doubles. We were at a great place called The Fox & Fiddle, a place I was in every day.

Blind draw me and my partner lost first round. And then back for a good nights sleep. 

Saturday back to the venue and had a good practice. First round I played Bruce Davey and won with 6-2. Next round I had nr 1 seeded Wes Newton and had the lead 4-3 but lost 6-4. But I played good and the break since Vegas have been good. Did a lot of practice both on the board but mostly mental training during the break. Sunday I played against Brian Williams and another good win with 6-3. Next was nr 3 seeded Andy Hamilton. Played good, had a 146 checkout, left double after 12 darts in two legs when he checked out. And took another leg and missed in one. So overall it was a step up in the right direction. Went out for a while with Paul N, Tony E, Robert T, Jelle K, Micheal v G to name a few on the Sunday evening. Broke of about 10 cause had to leave for the airport in the morning, the rest went on having a good time.

And it time for the story about my home trip!!!!!

I had booked a return trip a total of $83 Canadian with drop of and pick up from my hotel Econo Lodge in London, Ontario with the company Abouttown for my transportation to and from Detroit Airport. This company was recommended on the PDC homepage so you believed it was a serious company. Everything worked fine the way from the Airport to the hotel but my return...The time I got for my pick up time at the hotel was 8.00 AM. 7.30 AM I got a call from the reception that my taxi was here. I was confused and asked if it was my shuttle he said no just a taxi. Ok I said I will be down in 15 minutes cause I was not ready. My pickup time was 8 AM so they had to wait. Was down 7.40 AM and checked out from my room. Waited for the transport, a taxi comes back and I ask him if he's there to pick me up and if he was sent by the Abouttown airbus company to take me to them. He just said he got a call to go to this hotel. Then I asked him if he should take me to Detroit and he said he could do that. I had paid for my return trip and I asked him if he was sent by the Abouttown airbus company, he had no idea. Then I told him he could not be there for me. Then he just took of. I was waiting in the lobby and 3 minutes past 8 AM I called the company and asked where they were and they told me they sent a taxi for me. I told them the story with the taxi driver. Then they tell me they called the hotel and asked for me and the stupid hotel clerk connect the call to my room even though I just checked out and was in the lobby in front of him. They said they called 7.47 AM and that time me, the taxi driver and clerk tried to figure out whose taxi it was. I asked when I could expect them to get me my transportation to the airport because they had done wrong. Big surprise they blamed me and told me that the pick up time was 7.30. I said no in my whole conversation thru mail with their representative Susan Britt the only time I got in the booking system was 8 am and the answer I got that I was wrong. I asked them to contact Susan Britt because she did the booking for me cause they had some problems with their homepage. So she did everything thru our mail conversation. They called back after while and I said they talked to Susan Britt and that she had said the pickup time was 8 AM and blamed me for not giving them my contact information. I gave Susan Britt everything she asked me for so she could do the booking for me. They still blamed me for everything and said I could get a place on the 10 AM bus. I asked would I make my flight then and the response was no. Asked them if they would buy me a new flight ticket and of course the answer was no because everything was my fault, they had done all in their power.

I realised they would not fix their fault and get me to the airport in time for my flight. Before I left the hotel I asked the clerk how he could connect a call to the room I just checked out from, and standing in front of him in the lobby. He just looked at me like I was from outer space or something. Asked them if they had anyone who could drive me to the airport for money. Not much help there, got a call to a local limo service who wanted 360 dollars. All I had was 100 dollars. Went to the car rentals but they did not do one way. Feeling pretty worried, did not want to be stranded in London, Ontario. Went to the hotel were the venue was held and run in to Colin Lloyd and he could lend me the money I needed for taking a taxi. Thank you Colin. Got a taxi and made it to my flight but 350 dollars poorer plus the dollars I already paid for my return. Never ever going to use that company again. Their fault and the only thing they did were to blame me the customer.

When I finally arrived to Schipol I had to run to catch my flight and and it was a long run, I made it only to here that I was not allowed onboard because they could not get my baggage from their delayed flight. So they rebooked me for a flight 3 hours later. I said they could send my baggage later and did not care but they didn't do that. They can't fly a passenger without their luggage if not they forget to put or missed to put the luggage on the plane witch happens a lot.

What a fun trip.

Crawley next and Ingela is coming with me again.

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